Message of the Chair

Dear Students,


Marmara University Industrial Engineering Department, which was founded in 1987 and started its educational activities in 1990, is a department that is constantly renewed, developed and keeps up with the age with its deep-rooted history and dynamic staff. Our department conducts educational and research activities, numerous academic publications, industry and public cooperation projects with 7 Professors, 2 Associate Professors, 5 Assistant Professors, 6 Research Assistants.


In our department, courses such as Operations Research, Decision Theory, Production Planning and Control, Statistics, Simulation, and Quality Management are offered in order to analyze service and production systems, to explain and optimize the problems in these systems with mathematical models. The education language of our department is completely English and our students have strong foreign language ability in terms of technical and social communication when they graduate.


We would like to say that you can easily contact with all our employees during your time in our department.


We wish you a healthy, successful and happy university life


Head of Department

Industrial Engineering

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