Mission, Vision and Core Values


Our mission is to train engineers who;

  • Principled, universal, and adhering to human values and the philosophy of total quality management

  • Able to solve problems in the light of reason, science, and technology

  • Adopted teamwork and continuous development

  • Knows to research, learn and teach, likes to share

  • Communicating well, with managerial skills



Our vision is being a department which;

  • Has global influence in the focus areas

  • Creating solution models that will transform science and technology into social welfare

  • Developing appropriate strategies by predicting the problems and needs of the future

  • Training innovative managers of tomorrow


Our core values are;

  • Continuous improvement and development;

  • Professional ethics awareness;

  • Respect for social values;

  • Environmental awareness;

  • Science and Human orientation;

  • Producing value.


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