Engineering Management (Interdisciplinary)

Engineering Management; was created by combining knowledge, techniques, and skills in the fields of Industrial Engineering and Business Administration; and it is a training program that takes environmental, quality and ethical values ​​into consideration and aims to teach the necessary approaches and methods for the design, production, management and continuous improvement of systems based on human, machine, money, time, information and energy so that organizations can achieve their goals.

The Engineering Management Program aims to train students from different disciplines of engineering, science, and social sciences as managers who are equipped with modern and competitive management knowledge, approaches and techniques.

Engineering Management Scope: Engineering Management is a discipline for making and implementing the most appropriate decisions in the management of existing and emerging technologies and related systems. It deals with issues at both strategic and operational levels.

Engineering Management is to organize, plan, manage and control the activities of engineers, scientists, designers and other technical and non-technical staff to achieve the desired goals in the design, manufacture, construction, operation or maintenance of a product, device, structure or machine.

The difference in Engineering Management programs from MBA programs is that they gain the knowledge skills to use these qualities more effectively and efficiently without removing engineers from their existing technical knowledge and skills.

Engineering Management is the management of activities in which engineering and applied sciences are used. Engineering Management is aimed at engineers who are in the position to make strategic and operational decisions regarding current and future technologies. Engineering Management is for increasing efficiency, quality and global competitiveness, maintaining the technological level and creating new business areas. Engineering Management is a discipline that takes place between Industrial Engineering and Social Sciences and especially Business Administration.


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