Management Information Sys. and Eng. (Non-Thesis Master)

Why Management Information System and Engineering Graduate Program?

Management information systems (MIS), which form the basis of the information age, are being handled more and more deeply in the world and in our country. This field, which has many different application areas, is rapidly gaining importance and affects many branches of science.

The effective and purposeful use of information systems can only be possible by understanding the organizational structure and culture. All information systems provide structural and administrative solutions to the problems created by environmental conditions. From this point of view, besides the design of information systems, management is also very important. With this aspect, the responsibility of information systems cannot be transferred to technical decision centers.

The management information system started to be understood as a management responsibility since the 1970s. These two approaches have prevailed in information systems as management problems mostly include both technical and behavioral dimensions. Technical information management systems; It includes disciplines such as management science, computer science, operations research. In addition, the behavioral approach includes psychology, sociology, and political sciences. In summary, management information systems is an interdisciplinary field.

The Management Information Systems and Engineering graduate program aim to eliminate the deficiencies of the graduates from different disciplines that aim to specialize in this field with the features described above.


Why the Master's Program in Management Information Systems and Engineering at Marmara University?

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