M.Sc. Program (Master with Thesis)

Graduate education in our department started in 1991. The aim of the master's program is to train students who can bring solutions to complex industrial engineering problems. Knowledge and skills required for effective analysis, modeling and solution of problems encountered in industry are given to students.

Student admissions are made every semester with the rules determined by the Marmara University Institute of Science. In the admission to the programs, ALES score, grade point average, science exam results, and interview are taken into consideration. Anyone who gets enough points from the entrance exam held by the department within the framework of the rules determined by YÖK is accepted to our department.

As the education language of our department is English, only candidates who speak English are accepted to the department. Students with undergraduate and/or graduate education in departments other than Industrial Engineering are admitted to this program, provided that they take different courses.

The weight of the final exams is 50%. Although the weight of the midterm exams, projects, assignments and quizzes during the semester varies according to the course, the total weight is 50%. The 4-point system is applied. To succeed in a course, a minimum grade of 2.0 (CC) must be obtained.

In order to graduate from this program, students must complete 8 courses (24 credits) and a non-credit seminar course and complete a master's thesis. Students who successfully complete the program earn the Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering.


Industrial Engineering Graduate Curriculum with Thesis

Scientific Preparation for Master in Industrial Engineering with Thesis

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