There are 4 laboratories used by the Industrial Engineering department. In these laboratories, the courses can be used as well as by students who are at the thesis stage when it is convenient to use. In the table below, the features of the laboratories belonging to the Industrial Engineering department are presented.


Laboratory Name


Technical Specification

MA 120 - Computer Lab


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MA 207 - Active Learning Lab


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MA 209 - Computer Lab


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MA 201 - Open Source Innovation Lab




There are two types of computer labs, which can be used by students in their spare time and laboratories where lessons are given. In laboratories, students are provided with equipment to carry out their research and prepare their projects. In addition, various programs that students should use in the computer labs are installed on computers. Thus, students were provided to combine technology with their lives and education. In the computer laboratories belonging to the Department of Industrial Engineering, students are provided with all kinds of facilities in terms of hardware. New studies are being carried out day by day to increase computer facilities.

MA 120 and MA 209 laboratories are used extensively in graduate and PhD courses, and are also open to general use of undergraduate students. MA 120 laboratory is also used as an application area and a classroom for the ERP course offered as elective. With the protocol signed between UYUMSOFT software company and Marmara University, Uyumsoft Cloud computing infrastructure and ERP software are available for students.

MA 207 laboratory is organized in accordance with group work and active learning activities and is open to students' general use. MA 207 laboratory is used in various Interdisciplinary Faculty Technical Elective courses.

MA 201 Open Source Innovation laboratory can be used by undergraduate students for various applications, especially in graduation projects. In this laboratory, the design and use of 3D devices are carried out intensely. The results of the studies can be shared with everyone who is interested in the open source philosophy.

Students can use the industrial engineering programs (MS Office, LINGO, MS Project, Arena, SAS, R and RStudio etc.), which are installed on computers, by accessing the resources they want to access over the internet, especially for their projects. In addition, if open source programs specific to the lessons are requested, they are installed in the laboratories, allowing both students and faculty members to use the related programs.

Ergonomics laboratory is planned to be established in our department in the future, and works are underway to allocate a new laboratory and purchase the necessary devices.


Laboratory General Rules

Emergency Plan for Laboratories

Marmara University Faculty of Engineering Laboratory Safety Guide


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